Siberian Husky Obedience

Despite what many new owners think, Siberian Husky obedience is not out of reach! While these dogs can present a wealth of obedience issues not common in other dogs, the good news is that they are completely trainable with a little bit of consistent, effective training.

The first Siberian Husky obedience issue owners encounter is often the Houdini dog. Huskies are amazing escape artists! If your Husky’s run is not completely secure, he will escape. They can chew through, dig under and climb over fences. They can figure out gate latches. They can use ledges and dog houses to jump out.

Now don’t worry. They don’t usually do this because of some need to get away from you. Huskies just seem to have an innate desire to wander. Perhaps this goes back to their sled dog origins. These dogs were originally bred to run endurance races hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of miles long. My first Husky would escape (before we completely retrofitted his run) and disappear for hours or days at a time. He would always come back; he would just walk into the yard and lie down, or wander over and visit with the cat, completely unaware and totally uncaring of how panicked we were.

It is because of issues like this that Siberian Husky obedience and training can be such a frustrating experience for Husky owners. New owners in particular often give up after only a few days, before they’ve really even had a chance to get to know their new dog.

Don’t let that happen to you. Work with and understand your dog. Siberian Husky obedience isn’t as impossible as it seems.


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